Are you ready to challenge yourself in the markets?


Your introduction to trading – Learn to trade the markets. For over 160 years stock & commodity markets have been offering traders the opportunity to win or lose a fortune in an instant.

Once the sole domain of the institutional traders and super rich battling it out in the trading pits, the trading world has changed. Now the vast majority of transactions are electronic and the markets have grown far bigger than ever before. The electronic markets now offer a gateway to riches and risk to the home based retail trader.

To succeed in one of the best paid professions in the world the battles remain the same. Are you ready for the ecstatic highs and the spectacular lows that come with this super challenging occupation?

In this video course I am going to take you into the world of home based trading and give you incites into what makes a trader, what you need to learn and how it all works.

The concept of futures trading started in Chicago in 1848 as a way to protect grain farmers and their customers from risk. A market for buying and selling contracts for the delivery of grain in the future meant farmers could protect or hedge against extreme price swings for their crops after droughts or bumper harvests. Merchants could lock in a purchase price. They could use the market to effectively sell the crop before the farmers put it in the ground. The concept evolved into todays future and options trading and turned Chicago into the risk management capital of the world.

Now almost anything can be traded in futures. Energy, metals and currency included. The value of contracts traded in Chicago each year equates to a whopping thousand million million dollars.

But todays traders no longer need to shout load and fight for position in the pit to make their millions. Now almost all trading floors are computerised. 95% of all trades in Chicago now come via the internet.

So whether they are dealing with currencies futures, shares or complicated financial instruments, most of the worlds traders buy and sell via their computer screens.

Have you got in within yourself to win or lose hundreds or thousands of pounds a day?

Home based trading is a 21st century phenomenon. Just a few years ago this would have been impossible but now technology has made the markets more accessible than ever before. Now anyone can be a trader!

Are you ready to challenge yourself in the markets?

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