I’d like to explore your thinking today if that is ok with you?

Thinking helps us solve a lot of problems but it also sometimes gets us into a pickle and can get out of control.

My invitation to you is learn NLP – Master your thinking, master your communication, future-proof your life.

There are three timeframes involved in thinking, the past, the present and the future. I’ll start by asking you a question. How much time do you spend thinking of the past, what percentage of the time are you thinking about the future and what percentage of the time are you thinking in the present?

You may need to consider this for a while if you haven’t thought about it before. I’m talking about thinking in terms of when you are alone and just thinking. Are you considering the past, future or absorbing the present moment?

When I first asked myself these questions I was astonished. I spent 99% of the time at least thinking about past events or future plans and events and hardly ever thinking in the present.

Present Moment Thinking is a blessing

One of the greatest pleasures in life is soaking up the present moment. It also gives us the opportunity to create our state of mind, appreciate beauty, practice gratitude, improve awareness and many other pleasures.

So where are you spending your time in your thoughts, in the past, the present moment or in the future?

If your thinking is dominated by the past, then what is it that you are thinking about? I hope that it is positive for you. Many people get trapped into running and rerunning thoughts of events in the past, memories. If they are good memories then great. If the memories are troubling for you then that is not so good and it is probably spoiling your ability to live your life to the fullest. If this is the case for you then do not just sit back and wait for it to change. You could be waiting a long time. NLP provides us with techniques to use now to help us move through troubled times and create a peaceful and fulfilling life. NLP Training

If you are thinking mainly about the future, then are you planning and constructing objectives and goals for your future that will enhance your being? Or are you worrying about certain things? This is quite normal. I used to do it all the time. The best way to use future thinking is for planning. Deal with your anxiety by planning around it as much as you can. Then leave that space and switch back to present moment thinking. The present moment is where solutions lie and pleasure is to be found.

The NLP Learning State will help you maintain a present moment state of mind.

Thinking creates neural pathways in our brain

Thinking is a habit and the good news is that it can be changed and conditioned so that we have it more the way that we want it.

Every time we think in a certain way we create a neural pathway in our brain. These neural pathways are re-enforced every time we use them and therefore every time we have similar thoughts. The more we think about a certain thing, the more we think in a certain way the easier we will find it to recreate that thinking. The mural pathway becomes well-trodden and easily accessible. Eventually it becomes an unconscious habit to think that way.

Think about this for a moment. What neural pathways have you been creating in your brain? Do they serve you well? Can you improve them?

NLP provides specific techniques that you can use to improve your thinking and therefore feel better and get better results through practice and exercise in your thinking habit. Sound good?

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