A newly certified NLP Practitioner speaks about our course

I am a newly qualified NLP Practitioner from Excellence Assured NLP Academy. This was a unique and quality learning experience.

As I say – This training was very unique to me and I observed that it brings with it so many other benefits.

Like for example: For a person like me, I need to get the basics very, very clear.

Learn at your own pace

I normally prefer that concepts learnt should really sink in very well. I need to give time for that to happen. Learning NLP is like learning a new language. Accordingly, it takes time.

Learning online – as this course allows, gave me that time.

I can spend any amount of time in a particular module before I decide to move to the next topic. I don’t have the pressure of any kind, to finish a module whether I have understood it or not and move to the next. In my experience and observation this is normally not available in a class room training as the teachers generally have a time-frame by when to complete each module. And as a student, we will be required to keep up to that pressure – to go to class, the next day, unsure of how well the concept learnt in the previous day has gone in!

The training is always there!

The best part about the program is that – the training is always there! I can revert to it any time, and any number of times to get clarity. In my past experience, I have noticed that this was again not available in a class room learning. Either students like me become busy taking notes – not having enough time to listen and understand the concept or forget/skip some important explanations given in the class by the time when I am home. That risk is totally eliminated here.

When I went through the modules a few times, I felt as though with each revision the understanding was beginning to become better and better.


The demos given were so very helpful – went to bring in lot of clarity in fact. I assume that if I had seen a live-demo in the class, which is mostly done once – per topic, it could have been difficult to entirely remember how questions were asked to elicit certain states or response, the order in which the whole exercise flowed and so on. Now all that is there – made available to students like me any time that I want to access them online.


I also had enough time before I went to do each exercise with someone. When the concepts are understood, steps are clear, scripts are ready with us, then it certainly gives one that confidence to conduct a session with someone.

I once again assume that due to the usual time-frame involved, this may not be possible in a live-class room session as students would be expected to learn, remember and move on to practical application of the techniques leant, with class-mates, right after the lecture.

For a person like me – I need the time to learn, understand before I go hands-on! ☺

Practical application

Practical application – I must say, it takes the experience totally to a different level. Again for a practical session to go well, do it with confidence – one must have a good understanding of the concepts, the foundation. That will facilitate in ensuring a smooth run of the session.

Self-reflection exercises

And the best part of all – is doing the self-reflection exercises. When I recall my experience of doing the exercise with someone and re-present them in the paper – brain to paper, it stays in my mind very fresh. To me it is like a 3rd revision. When I was a kid, my mother always used to encourage me write what I learn in a paper as she believed that it went to strengthen the memory.

The questions were framed in such a way that it actually brings out the practical applications of the concept learnt, which would be very unique to each student writing the answer, based on their own experience in a session with someone. So it completely eliminates the blind memorising of the concepts, vomiting the answers in the exams ☺ and forgetting about it thereafter!


The Feedback that I received after completing each module also went to ascertain my understanding of the concepts, which in turn kept me very motivated in my learning.

In nutshell the entire learning experience was very unique to me and I thoroughly enjoyed learning without any external pressure and perhaps, because of this, I was able to absorb the lessons quite well.

I believe when the brain is not under pressure of any kind, fully engrossed in what it is learning/doing – the learning becomes very easy, fun, enjoyable and one stays motivated.


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