Mindfulness Travel Programme Launched To Help Jetsetters

Many people find flying a very stressful experience, but now mindfulness training has taken centre stage for one airline that seems keen to help their passengers handle long-haul flights.

British Airways has launched a Mindfulness for Travel series, which aims to provide people with all sorts of meditation techniques […]


Mindfulness ‘Can Improve Learning In Children’

If you have taken up mindfulness training it may be a good idea to consider whether your children may benefit from such techniques as well.

A programme into social and emotional learning started by Academy Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn to help school children improve their learning abilities has now been backed […]


Can Mindfulness Help Older People Sleep?

Mindfulness training courses could benefit older people, given new research revealing that the practice has positive effects on sleep, daytime fatigue and depression – the latter two of which often result from poor rest among the elderly.

Conducted by the University of Southern California, Los […]


Mindfulness ‘Improves Maths Skills In Children’

If you’re keen to improve your children’s performance at school, it might be worth signing them up for mindfulness training online, as it is now being suggested that the practice could improve maths skills and emotional and social learning.

A study conducted to test the effects of MindUP (which puts a […]


Daily Depression Searches Online ‘Reach 39,059’

Going on mindfulness training courses could help many people in the UK, with depression seemingly a growing problem – so much so in fact that there are 39,059 daily searches conducted online using the word ‘depression’ in the UK.

This is according to the Priory […]


Inmates Use Mindfulness Training To Stop Smoking

Mindfulness training is being used at a Scottish prison to help the inmates ditch the cigarettes, with an eight-week course in the increasingly popular practice looking at areas including thoughts, emotions and kindness, while simultaneously helping people get over their cravings.

Official statistics have revealed that over 70 per cent of prisoners in Scotland smoke […]


Beat The Winter With Mindfulness & Meditation

Older people concerned about making it through the winter in one piece and who are worried about how the cold weather could affect their joints might want to ditch the prescription medication in favour of meditation and mindfulness courses online.

Relaxation techniques can do an awful lot […]



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