If you suffer from insomnia or have been having more trouble than usual dropping off to sleep each night, mindfulness training courses can be really beneficial. By learning to anchor yourself in the present moment, you can help keep any unbidden thoughts at bay, allowing yourself to drift off peacefully. Here are a few techniques to try tonight.


A lot of mindfulness is all about focusing on your breathing. Like yoga, it all stems from the breath. If you’re trying to clear your mind but find that everything continues to crowd in on you, making sleep a distinct impossibility, just draw your attention to your breath. How it sounds, how each breath feels, the rise and fall of your chest. It can help to place your hands on your abdomen so you can feel your belly sink and rise as well.

Put pen to paper

A busy mind can be torturous to anyone trying to get a good night’s rest but mindfulness techniques can really help you keep your mind clear. Why not try writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper before you go to bed? By writing your worries and concerns down, you’re allowing them an escape route from your mind.

Daytime practice

If you really do struggle with sleeping, why not practice your mindfulness exercises during the day so come bedtime it feels much more natural and comes to you a lot easier? This can really help to focus your mind and reduce your stress levels – so you may be calmer when you get to bed in the first place anyway.