Armed forces veterans who think they may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could benefit from looking into mindfulness courses online, as new research has revealed that this form of therapy could drive greater improvements with regards to this particular condition.

Conducted by the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System in the US, the study suggests that by using mindfulness techniques and anchoring themselves in the present, people can reduce any feelings of depression or anxiety that they may be experiencing.

If left untreated, PTSD can be associated with other mental health conditions, a reduced quality of life and higher rates of disability. Symptoms include an emotional numbness, avoidance and, the most common, re-experiencing. This latter symptom is characterised by involuntary flashbacks of the traumatic episode, which could also include physical sensations like pain, sweating and trembling.

Lead author of the new study Dr Melissa Polusny said the results “provide support for the efficacy of mindfulness-based stress reduction for the treatment of PTSD among veterans. However, the magnitude of the average improvement suggests a modest effect.”

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