Trading the UK FTSE | 12th-16th December 2016

Trading view on the UK FTSE index. Pre-market analysis and post market review for 12th-16th December 2016 Post-market trading analysis 16th December 2016 FTSE 5 minute chart 16th December 2016 The FTSE spent the first two and a half hours today in the zone just above yesterdays close that we had been in overnight [...]

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Day trade FTSE | Market Analysis | WC 5th December 2016

Day trading on the FTSE - setups & technical analysis for week commencing 5th December 2016 Update -  FTSE Trading 9th December 2016 – 7.30am FTSE 2 hour chart 9th December 2016 Pre-market Our bull trend channel continues to house prices on the FTSE. The 2 hour chart above shows that since price touched [...]

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Trading the FTSE | Week Commencing 28th November 2016

Daily trading setups and analysis on the UK FTSE 100 Index FTSE Trading Update 2nd December 2016 – 5pm FTSE 5 minute chart 2nd December 2016 The FTSE spent the morning idling along underneath the trendline for the downtrend that we have been in for the last few days and as illustrated this morning [...]

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Master the emotional side of trading – trading secrets of the mind

Continuing our series on Trading Secrets - All in the Mind we discuss here how to begin to master the emotional side of trading. We can absorb millions of bits of information per second though our senses. In terms of trading most of that information is taken in through our sense of sight. However we [...]


Trading secrets – Cause, effect and taking responsibility – all in the mind

In trading we operate in a sea of uncertainty. Things are only certain after the event. We see a possible opportunity. We aren’t certain whether or not the trade will work out. We aren’t certain that the market will go the way that we anticipate, we aren’t certain whether other traders have seen what we [...]