5 Mindfulness Tips To Beat Christmas Stress

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year but it can also be a particularly stressful one, with all sorts of unexpected pressures – but you can keep on top of it all if you consider taking mindfulness courses before the big day. To get you started, here are five quick tips.


If you’ve never done [...]

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How Can NLP Training Help You?

NLP training, or neuro-linguistic programming, is a way of training yourself to respond to stimuli in a new and more positive fashion in order to encourage new behaviours in yourself. There are numerous benefits to the practice, so do some research to see how it can help you today. It could be just the thing [...]

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Beat The Winter With Mindfulness & Meditation

Older people concerned about making it through the winter in one piece and who are worried about how the cold weather could affect their joints might want to ditch the prescription medication in favour of meditation and mindfulness courses online.

Relaxation techniques can do an awful lot of good when it comes to managing pain and discomfort, so [...]

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How To Practice Mindfulness

Life can be particularly stressful and the older you get, the more stressful it is likely to become – so why not consider going for mindfulness training online and start practising a bit of the therapy every day? It can really help you to deal with whatever life throws at you, helping to anchor you in [...]

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Webinar – What is NLP? How can it help me?

Coaching & NLP Uncovered 1 - What is NLP? How can it help me?
This is the first in our Coaching & NLP Uncovered Webinar series. We begin the series with this introduction to NLP and Anthony answers two of the most commonly asked questions associated with NLP. What is NLP? How can it help me? 
In [...]

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Mindfulness Effective Treatment For Menopausal Depression?

Women experiencing depressive symptoms during the menopause may benefit from taking mindfulness courses online, as new research is suggesting that mindfulness could in fact be a very effective way of treating this mental health condition.

According to scientists at the Women’s Health Concerns Clinic at St Joseph’s Healthcare in Ontario, menopausal women typically feel less depressed [...]

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Job Stress ‘On The Rise’

The stress that people in the UK are facing on account of their jobs is on the climb, according to a poll published by The Independent on Sunday – but you could do a lot to combat these feelings if you decide to take NLP courses online.
According to the study, conducted by the TUC, one [...]

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What is depression?

If you have ever suffered from depression yourself or know anyone who has you will know just what a debilitating illness it is. For many people it can last a lifetime and they never really recover.

It doesn't have to be that way though. There is a way out of depression and I can show you [...]

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The all new Mind Management & Mindfulness programme

It’s been a busy few months for me at Excellence Assured. In between the NLP and Coaching training courses that I run in the UK and working with our students on our online courses I’ve buried myself away, written and built a brand new online training course. The course is called The Mind Management & [...]

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Seven secrets of sales excellence – The Donut Man

Learn seven pieces of Sales excellence
 - The Donut Man of Alvor beach
I spent a few days recently on the sweltering Algarve in Portugal. The Algarve is blessed with beautiful beaches, a great climate and a wonderful selection of food, it is a regular haunt of mine.  Specialising as I do in NLP, working with and [...]

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