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"I have done lots of training courses over the years and I must say that the thing that stands out with your course was the fact that you really seem to care about your students' experience. I will never forget it." MD - Stevenage

"Oh I loved doing the course, it really taught me so so much. It's made me feel so much more in control of my own states and how I choose to react to situations and life in general. I really love this work.
I look forward to the next chapter in my life and will soon let you know!" - DW - S. Africa


The Triune Brain – How your mind works

In this video post I explain how our human brain has evolved over the past centuries to give us the brain that we have today.

This is the Triune Brain model that explains how your mind works. It helps us to understand how we think, why we get fearful, angry and how our unconscious processes are […]


Improve your mind management through mindfulness

I hope that your world is rocking at the moment. Spring is a fantastic time of year in the UK, with the leaves coming on the trees, the plants and shrubs starting to grow again. I am extremely excited in particular this year as some of my plans are coming to fruition and I hope […]


NLP – Happiness and Excellence in a bottle

Our NLP students come from many varied backgrounds, we have a truly international set of students. I suppose that is the real beauty of NLP, it can help anyone, anywhere.

I am not sure how much you know about NLP? As a body of knowledge it has been around now for quite a few years. It […]


Seize your power to change

You are amazing. You are unique. Your mind and body are built to support you in growing and developing throughout your life, even well into old age. We are all born with the potential to achieve whatever we put our minds to during our lifetime.
It was once thought that we were born with a certain […]


How are your Mind Management skills?

The extent of your happiness and current level of success in life largely comes down to your mind management skills. 
Having spent the last twenty years studying and working with people who are being successful, occasionally having success myself, I have noticed that one of the things that these people consistently do is they manage their […]


6 Tactics for a stunning year ahead

As you may know I believe that it is important sometimes to step back and take stock. One of the key attributes of successful people is that they are able to maintain a single focus on doing things that are important to them rather than falling into the trap of being busy being busy. It […]


Tell us how we can help you grow towards your potential

When you are sitting at your desk reading a bunch of emails, pondering the hundred or so things that you need to do today and trying to ignore the multitude of things that are demanding your attention it is sometimes worth reminding yourself that you were put on this planet for a good reason. We […]


You get the brain that you create

It has finally been proven by science that our brains are in fact plastic! Now, that is a bit of a simplistic way of looking at things, but scientists have discovered that our brains are mouldable just like plastic and that they react and grow in response to our actions and thoughts. Which means that […]


Develop a mindset of abundance

If you have taken one of our leadership courses or read some of my blogs then you will know that I encourage my clients to pay attention to their inner saboteur. Pay attention to it, so that you recognise it when it is getting in your way and pay attention to it so that you […]


Are you in control of your autopilots?

I have spent a good portion of the last month in Portugal, what a beautiful country. The main purpose of my stay there was to run an NLP Practitioner training course (NLP truly crosses all international boundaries) but I also took the opportunity to have a break at the end and recharge my batteries. Amongst […]