41% Say Job ‘Has Negatively Affected Health’

People in the UK could perhaps benefit from taking online NLP courses in order to make positive life changes, after research revealed that 41 per cent believe their job has had a negative effect on their overall health.

Conducted by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), the survey revealed that the stresses of working are encouraging people [...]

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How’s Your Money Management?

If you’re having trouble managing your finances effectively, it could be worth taking some online NLP courses to help you take some very real steps towards creating significant life changes, teaching you how to change your bad financial habits for good.

According to new research from the Debt Advisory Centre, seven per cent of adults (that’s [...]

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Mindfulness ‘Improves Maths Skills In Children’

If you’re keen to improve your children’s performance at school, it might be worth signing them up for mindfulness training online, as it is now being suggested that the practice could improve maths skills and emotional and social learning.

A study conducted to test the effects of MindUP (which puts a strong emphasis on kindness and [...]

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Daily Depression Searches Online ‘Reach 39,059’

Going on mindfulness training courses could help many people in the UK, with depression seemingly a growing problem – so much so in fact that there are 39,059 daily searches conducted online using the word ‘depression’ in the UK.

This is according to the Priory Group, which found that there are 27 searches per minute for [...]

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How do I get NLP working for me? – Webinar

How do I get NLP working for me? How to get rid of bad habits. 

I want this webinar to add real value to you. NLP solves real problems for people and it creates change, so amongst other things during this particular webinar we provide you with some exercises for you to do to help you [...]

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5 Of The Best… Mindfulness Apps

Everyone needs a bit of help every now and again, and if you’re feeling particularly stressed out, depressed or anxious, undergoing mindfulness training could help anchor you more in the present and teach you how to react to certain situations more positively. Here are some of the best mindfulness apps out there to help you [...]

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You are amazing – Create the life that you want

Create the life that you want
I have created this video with gratitude and respect for you. My wish for you is that you achieve your dreams and bless the people around you with your presence.

You truly are amazing and unique, a shining star in this wonderful world that we live in. We can’t always be [...]

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NLP Training To Combat Money Worries?

January is a time when a lot of people stop and take stock of their lives, trying to make improvements wherever they can – and a lot of the time, this relates back to our financial situations and how we can change to get rid of any money worries that we might have. Going on NLP [...]

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Inmates Use Mindfulness Training To Stop Smoking

Mindfulness training is being used at a Scottish prison to help the inmates ditch the cigarettes, with an eight-week course in the increasingly popular practice looking at areas including thoughts, emotions and kindness, while simultaneously helping people get over their cravings.

Official statistics have revealed that over 70 per cent of prisoners in Scotland smoke and the Scottish Prison [...]

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5 Mindfulness Tips To Beat Christmas Stress

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year but it can also be a particularly stressful one, with all sorts of unexpected pressures – but you can keep on top of it all if you consider taking mindfulness courses before the big day. To get you started, here are five quick tips.


If you’ve never done [...]

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