Use NLP in your Coaching Practice (for the very best reasons)

Use NLP in your Coaching Practice. I would whole-heartedly recommend it. You will find that it delivers outstanding results!
All coaches use NLP. The best coaches use NLP deliberately in their coaching pracice.
NLP is a study of how we humans use our brains to communicate internally and also with others. It concerns how we construct our […]
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Understand the difference between trending and ranging markets 

Understand the difference between trending and ranging markets – 10 Habits of Highly Successful Traders (Part 3)

Take a look at the chart above. Is the market in a trend or a trading range? 

It is an uptrend, isn’t it?

How do we know that it is an uptrend? The market is making higher highs and higher lows 

Look […]

16 Personality Types and Jung’s four typologies

16 Personality Types and Jung’s four typologies – 4 parts to personality

Personality Types come from Jung’s four typologies.   Jung defined four different categories of psychological profile. A focus on:

  1. our external behaviour (I or E) – whether people are extravert and may need people around them to stimulate them – we all know […]

Personality Types in the workplace – for employers, managers and keyworkers

Personality Types in the workplace. Many employers use Personality profiling in order to help with staff recruitment, retention and development.

The key is to consider Job Scope, Roles, Duties, and the Key Attributes required for positions in order to draw up a desired personality profile or perhaps profiles that ideally may suit the role. 

The next […]

All traders must look for Context, Content and Confluence – Do the Duck Test

All traders must look for Context, Content and Confluence – Do the Duck Test. This is the second essential component to successful trading.

Beginners tend to learn certain candlestick patterns or a chart pattern or an indicator behaviour and think that they can just look out for it to appear on their chart, take their trades […]

Learn to Trade the Markets – The 10 essential components to becoming a successful trader (including the missing links)

Day Trading – Discover your missing pieces

Profitable traders have a recipe for success and in this series I am going to talk you through all the ingredients (components) that you need to incorporate into your learning, your trading strategies, and your life outside of trading in order to give yourself the best possible chance […]

The four parts to personality – where do they come from?

In my childhood one of the things that I remember was the significant amount of order in our household.  On Mondays certain things happened, on Tuesdays certain things happened, on Weds certain things happened.  I knew what we were going to have for tea on Thursday. It was gammon and mash night, on […]

Trading with automatic trading systems – feel the freedom

In September 2018 I went live with my automatic trading system. I had designed a system that would take trades for me with real money on a live market. This was a real stretch for freedom for me. Would it be possible to trade hands-free and allow my (fairly simple) self-designed algorithm to make […]

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Day Trading with a self-designed robot

We are about to enter week 4 of my project – day trading with a self-designed robot. I am so excited about the future of this automated trading system, I can’t tell you!

Whilst I have been live trading with this automatic system I am up 56 points so far. I have had just six positive, […]

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Automatic trading using my own algorithm

Day trading using my own algorithm and automatic system – Week 3

Having been trading successfully for several years I spent several months designing a trading algorithm that would replicate the type of trades that I have been used to taking manually. Having come up with something approaching what I was looking for I backtested the […]

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