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Free Resources for you
  • Free NLP, Coaching and Trading at Excellence Assured

In addition to our Premium Certification Courses we do have a lots of free resources on our website here at Excellence Assured that we would love to share with you.

Free NLP & CoachingFree NLP Resources

Free NLP Resource library

– Interested in getting a taste of our NLP material?

Here are some free NLP videos and other resources for you:

Free Secrets of Coaching and NLP  – Webinar series

NLP & Coaching free webinars


Free NLP Ebook

Free Coaching Ebook

Free coaching ebook

Personality Types & Quizzes

Free Personality quiz - Which Personality Type are you?Which Personality Type are you?

Take one of our free online Personality Type tests.

NLP Representational Systems

Financial Trading – Free Trading Series & Free Ebook

EURUSD - Trading the 5 minute timeframe - Book

Six Free Mindfulness Exercises – Audio programme (1 Hour)

Mindfulness Exercises
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