Neighbour Disputes ‘Result In Depression & Stress’

Maintaining good relationships with your closest neighbours is always advisable but since you have no control over who lives next door to you, this isn’t always possible – and you could find your mental health and wellbeing affected if you end up having disputes. Ocean Finance research has found that one-third of all adults in [...]

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5 Essential Communication Skills For Entrepreneurs

To be successful in business, you need to ensure your communication skills are up to scratch. NLP training courses can help you build your skill set up – but first, here are five areas you may like to try and focus on in the months ahead. Body language Communication isn’t just verbal, you know. Your [...]

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Top 15 Biggest Fears For Men Revealed

The biggest fears for men have just been revealed in a new survey, with: illness death old age ....making up the top three. Compiled by MR. by Jamie Stevens (which sells haircare systems for men), the study found that terrorist attacks getting into debt being burgled losing their hair losing their job snakes and spiders [...]

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Mindfulness To Help Smokers Quit?

If you're a smoker and are keen to quit, it might be worth trying out some UK mindfulness training, as a new study has found that certain exercises can actually decrease your motivation to light up. Conducted by scientists at the University of Oregon and Texas Tech University, the research found that when smokers took [...]

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Mindfulness Training Helps Psychologist Overcome Loneliness

A health psychologist who moved from his home in Ireland to London a few years ago was able to overcome serious homesickness and loneliness thanks to UK mindfulness courses. In an article for the Irish Times, Darragh O’Shea observed that he was well aware that isolation and loneliness could have a very real impact on [...]

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Debt Problems ‘Trivialised’ By Soap Operas & Reality TV

Growing numbers are being influenced by reality television and soap operas to borrow more irresponsibly and buy goods that they can't afford, with 80 per cent of people stating that how the media portrays debt is encouraging Britons to live beyond their means. This is according to new research from the Debt Advisory Centre, which [...]

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Mindfulness & PTSD: How It Can Help

Armed forces veterans who think they may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could benefit from looking into mindfulness courses online, as new research has revealed that this form of therapy could drive greater improvements with regards to this particular condition. Conducted by the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System in the US, the study suggests [...]

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Mindfulness Courses And Art Therapy

Mindfulness courses are the best way to get to grips with your anxieties and learn to become more aware of your thoughts and actions, but there’s also a new tool that many practitioners of mindfulness have really taken to heart in their quest to better their life - the humble colouring book. At the time [...]

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Mindfulness Training For Teenagers To Be Assessed In New Study

Mindfulness training courses are to come under the microscope in the coming months as a new study gets under way to assess the effectiveness of such techniques in schools. Launched by The Wellcome Trust, the 6.4 million research programme will be carried out by the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, the University of Exeter, [...]

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How Mindfulness Training Can Improve Sleep Quality

If you suffer from insomnia or have been having more trouble than usual dropping off to sleep each night, mindfulness training courses can be really beneficial. By learning to anchor yourself in the present moment, you can help keep any unbidden thoughts at bay, allowing yourself to drift off peacefully. Here are a few techniques [...]

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