The truth and lies in trading

I am effectively a self-taught trader. When I was learning to trade I read book after book on trading, I watched hundreds, if not thousands of videos, I did interviews with top traders. I built my skills through these channels, modelling the trading excellence of others. In the initial stages and whilst I was learning [...]

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NLP Modelling Exercise – Managing People

One of the aims of NLP is to enable students to learn the skills so that they can model other people in key aspects of their behaviour and adopt those behaviours and skills for themselves. In our online NLP Premium Masters course we teach students all the skills that they need to model excellence in [...]

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How to trade the Open on the FTSE 5 minute chart

Today we are going to look at how to trade the Open. On this occasion the market that we are trading is the FTSE 100 index. Every morning I go through the same quick processes in order to prepare for the start of trading at 8am. I’m going to talk you through the morning rituals [...]

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Developing persuasion & influencing skills – Secrets revealed

Developing your persuasion & influencing skills. You can probably think of lots of situations in your life when you have tried and failed to persuade someone to do something. What did you do? How did you do it? Why did it fail? I’m assuming that you had good reason to want to persuade them? Not [...]

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The psychology behind winning and losing the 2016 Masters

The US Masters golf tournament often produces plenty of excitement in the closing holes. The 2016 Masters was no exception. Danny Willet came from three strokes behind at the beginning of the final round to win by three from Lee Westwood and Jordan Spieth. This was a great story for Danny, who became only the [...]

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Girl Guides Introduce New Mental Health Badge

The Girl Guides are launching a new badge to help teenagers understand and talk about mental health problems. The Think Resilient badge will be introduced from April, and was developed with the mental health charity Young Minds. It aims to break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and will give young women the chance [...]

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How To Improve Your Mental Health

Many of us will experience mental health issues throughout our lives, often as a result of circumstances beyond our control, but NLP training courses can help teach you how to manage symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety and more. Here are a few ways you can boost your mental health today. NLP training This teaches you [...]

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Stress-Related Sick Days For Police ‘On The Rise’

Police forces around the UK might be inspired to offer their officers mindfulness training online in order to combat feelings of stress they may be feeling, given figures revealing that the number of sick days taken because of stress has climbed by 50 per cent in the last five years. A Freedom of Information request [...]

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Is Mindfulness A Good Tool For Parents?

Mindfulness has been shown to be effective at helping users control their stress, depression and anxiety, which is why it is often practised by parents who have to juggle very busy lifestyles, responsibilities and demands. Cope with challenges Anyone who has been on a mindfulness course will know that the self-help practice gives you tools [...]

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Mindfulness Could Benefit NHS & Staff Members

Mindfulness training courses could soon be a feature of the NHS, as a new report has suggested that the organisation could save money and reduce staff stress. The Mindful Nation UK report, published by the Mindfulness Initiative, said that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) could improve patient health and wellbeing among those suffering with lower back [...]

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