Pullback reversal trade on the EUR/USD forex pair | 21st Feb 2017

When the market set up just right, with the right context and good signal we must take the trade. In this article I talk you through a pullback reversal trade that I took this morning on the EUR/USD forex pair. I normally take my first peak of the day at the markets about 7am UK [...]

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Pullback Reversal Trade on EUR/GBP | 20th Feb 2017

It was generally a quiet day on the markets today due to a US holiday. There was however one good trade available first thing this morning on the EUR/GBP Forex market. It was a Pullback Reversal trade. I'll walk you through it. The above chart shows the price action from this morning on the EUR/GBP. [...]

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Learn to trade different market conditions – Dax 13th & 14th Feb 2017

Over the last two mornings we have seen very contrasting trading conditions in the German stock market, the DAX. Yesterday, on the 13th of February 2017 we had a persistent bull trend which lasted all day. Today the market has been in a tight trading range all morning. These two markets as shown in our [...]

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Trading the Germany (DAX) Open – 9th Feb ’17

We are going to look at trading opportunities on the Germany (DAX) open today. I trade this market regularly in the early mornings. There are often several excellent trade setups within the first hour on this market and so this is a perfect opportunity to get the day underway with some quick wins. I'm going to [...]

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Wedges on the DAX index 5 minute chart | 7th Feb 2017

Wedges are a common trading chart pattern. They are not always obvious and it takes some practice to pull them out of the price action on a chart, however they can be a good indicator that a change of momentum is likely. We are looking at the five minute timeframe on the DAX index here [...]

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Trading Range and Triangles on the DAX index | 3rd Feb 2017

The DAX index produced two perfectly tradable triangles on the one minute chart today. I'm going to walk you through the action so that you can spot these trading opportunities for yourself. Trading ranges mean scalping The one minute chart requires fast thinking and I use it for scalping. Scalping for me means taking trades [...]

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Framework of a trend – uptrend on DAX | 2nd Feb 2017

Today we are day trading the German DAX index. We had a lovely uptrend this morning that fit our trend framework almost perfectly and provided several excellent risk and reward trading opportunities. The chart above is on the one minute timeframe, which is one of my preferred timeframes. The action is fast and doesn't give [...]

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Prefect uptrend on EUR/GBP on 31st January 2017

Today we are looking at the currency pair, Euro v British Pound. The market produced a perfect uptrend this morning with opportunities for several super trades. Let me talk you through the price action. There was generally mixed economic news this morning both in the UK and in Germany, the key is  that there was [...]

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Trading Double Bottom & Double Top – DAX (Index) 23rd January 2017

Two excellent chart patterns emerged early today on the DAX index. Firstly we had a double bottom and then a double top. You can make a living from just trading double tops and bottoms, they are prevalent on the shorter trading timeframes. There can also be quite a few false chart pattern signals so it [...]

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Trading on the FTSE index | 19th to 23rd December 2016

Market and trading analysis on the FTSE - 23rd December 2016 - Post-market FTSE 5 minute chart Friday 23rd December 2016 A very quiet day on the markets. Price bounced around, staying within ten points of the open pretty much all day. No trading opportunities to report today. It was a good opportunity [...]

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