The aim of trading is to make money from analysing financial markets and then correctly predict whether a market will be lower of higher later on.

Timing, mentality and knowledge are all skills that are vital in trading.

Our lead trader Anthony learned to trade from modelling professional traders. He learned that there is an equation that is vital to trading success.

You can learn that equation.

Learn how markets move and learn that there are points where correct predictions can be made more often than not. We can not operate your trading for you but we can give you solid pointers so that you get a great start on your learning journey into trading.

Trading with automatic trading systems – feel the freedom

In September 2018 I went live with my automatic trading system. I had designed a system that would take trades for me with real money on a live market. This was a real stretch for freedom for me. Would it be possible to trade hands-free and allow my (fairly simple) self-designed algorithm to make […]

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Day Trading with a self-designed robot

We are about to enter week 4 of my project – day trading with a self-designed robot. I am so excited about the future of this automated trading system, I can’t tell you!

Whilst I have been live trading with this automatic system I am up 56 points so far. I have had just six positive, […]

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Automatic trading using my own algorithm

Day trading using my own algorithm and automatic system – Week 3

Having been trading successfully for several years I spent several months designing a trading algorithm that would replicate the type of trades that I have been used to taking manually. Having come up with something approaching what I was looking for I backtested the […]

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Trading with an automatic system – automated day trading

Week 2 of automated day trading on a self-designed system

You can see in the chart above that since the first week of trading with my automated day trading system the system has performed well. We have had 10 green days out of a total of 16 trading days.  You will also note that the […]

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Trading with an automated system – Using IG and ProRealTime (Live Trading Week 1)

Living the dream – let the algorithms do the work

For the last few months I have been excitedly working on a number of automated trading systems, basically algorithms that allow a computer system to take my trades for me.

The idea is that I provide the computer software, provided by my broker, with an intricately woven code […]

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Why do beginner traders lose? Trading your system – Stick to the process

Why do beginner traders lose? Well, one of the things that I noticed about top traders when I was studying them is that they decide conclusively what their system is and they stick to it no matter what. 

Do what the expert traders do

Some top traders only trade one particular setup. This setup gives them […]

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NLP & Trading – Trading Stars interview

In this NLP and Trading – Trading Stars interview our Trainer and Coach, Anthony Beardsell is interviewed by Scott Schubert from

Anthony discusses his introduction to trading and how he used the modelling skills from NLP to become a master trader.

The link between trading and NLP is not immediately obvious, however Anthony discusses how the […]

The law of probability in trading – Trading Secrets

In this part 7 of our Trading Secrets series we are going to discuss the law of probability in trading.

Most traders are familiar with considering risk and reward as part of their trading system and indeed these aspects are very important, however just as important is the likelihood of a […]

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Trading Secrets – Beware of market manipulation



I hope that you have already found this series useful and are beginning to understand yourself better in terms of how to build a successful trading future with the right mindset and some tools for mastering the emotional and psychological side of trading.

We have discussed how beliefs are important in trading and how to […]

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Supercharge your stock trading by recognising and identifying beliefs



In this part five of our Trading Secrets series we look at how to supercharge your trading by recognising and identifying beliefs.

Beliefs are important in stock and financial trading. One of the best edges that we can have over our competition is to understand when market action is creating beliefs amongst other traders […]

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