Maintaining good relationships with your closest neighbours is always advisable but since you have no control over who lives next door to you, this isn’t always possible – and you could find your mental health and wellbeing affected if you end up having disputes.

Ocean Finance research has found that one-third of all adults in the UK have had disagreements with their neighbours in the last year, with half of those left feeling depressed and stressed as a result.

The most common complaints relating to nuisance neighbours include excessive noise such as stomping around the house, loud arguments and late-night parties. However, approximately 30 per cent have experienced rude or abuse neighbours and 15 per cent admitted that their neighbours had used threatening or intimidating behaviour towards them.

“It’s understandable that people may feel worried about tackling the problem of nuisance neighbours. There are organisations that can support residents with these problems and give advice on how to deal with neighbour disputes so they can start to feel safe in their homes again,” spokesman for Ocean Finance Gareth Shilton said.

In the meantime, if you are experiencing feelings of depression or stress, why don’t you consider taking mindfulness courses online so you can better manage how you’re feeling and so you don’t let it all get on top of you.

Mindfulness can help you anchor yourself in the present, allowing you to clear your mind of all your worries so you can feel more at peace. After you’ve done some mindfulness exercises, you’ll find yourself better able to take on the challenges of everyday life, ready to attack the day.