NLP has many uses in business and one of the key uses is to gain influence over other people.

How would you like to be able to communicate in a way that enabled you to easily get your message across to people at all different levels of an organisation?  How would you like to be able to motivate someone to do something just by your use of specific language patterns? How would you like to be able to help people overcome their problems in order to make them more efficient and productive. How would you like be able to influence customer choices by communicating with them at an unconscious level so that they just get a good feeling about your product or service and accept your suggestions?

NLP can help you do all of this.  Our NLP Practitioner series of training courses are available as an e-Learning package or we can deliver the training in-house to suit you.

NLP Communication Model

How does it work? Well, NLP teaches you that we all have certain preferences in how we think, how we represent the world to ourselves. If we can understand the way that we think, then we can influence how we think.

For example. We all have a preferred system for translating what goes on in our lives into our thoughts. We either prefer to use our sense of sight, sound, or touch. If we have a preferred sense of sight, then we will translate easily what we experience into pictures in our head. If we have a preferred sense of touch, then we will easily translate that into internal feelings etc.

Lets say that we have a preference for sight, or pictures. This will become evident amongst other things in the things that we say, “see you later,” “I can see that happening,” “Out of sight out of mind”  etc. All phrases that involve the sense of sight.

If we have a preference for touch, then we might say things like “catch you later,” “you can hold on to that thought,” “I get a good feeling when I think of that”  all phrases that involve a physical sense of touch or feeling.

So, if we know this, then we can listen to what people say, and we can tell what their preferred medium of communication is. We can gain unconscious influence over them by using their preferred system of communication back to them. So, we will use words and phrases that they use in order to do this.   Clever eh?

Have you noticed that people like people who are like them?  Have you and your friends got common interests? This is how it works.

Try this out next time you are talking with them.  Watch their shoulders go up and down as they breath in and out, and copy them.  So, when they breath in, you breath in, when they breath out, you breath out.  Notice how it gives you an unconscious connection to them.  They will not know what you have done but they will feel more connected to them and they will like you more subconsciously.

These techniques and many more are part of our NLP Practitioner Training Courses.  Join us today online with our NLP e-Learning.

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