Over half of employees in the UK have admitted that a fear of failure is preventing them from quitting their day jobs and starting their own businesses, with new research revealing this to be the case for 56 per cent of workers. Online NLP courses could prove beneficial in getting rid of any unfounded fears about potential successes or failures in this regard.

Conducted by Towergate Insurance, the study revealed that a further 56 per cent have come up with one invention or business idea but not yet made any steps to turn it from an idea into something more concrete.

Frustration at work appears to be the driving force behind people being keen to strike out on their won with 39 per cent stating that they are so fed up with the daily grind that they’re thinking of quitting to launch their own company.

The top reasons for starting a business include wanting to make their own money, not wanting to have to answer to someone else and wanting to turn a passion into a career.

NLP training online could really help you boost your confidence if you’re thinking of starting a business but are afraid that it won’t be a success. A certain amount of fear can be positive, but if it’s preventing you from realising your dreams perhaps it’s time to do something about it.

Training can help improve your communication and sales skills, boost your self-motivation and confidence, and be more influential at work and beyond. Do some research to see how you could benefit from going on a course today.