Do you know just how bad stress can be for your body?

There are many ways in which stress and anxiety can affect you and your mental health and wellbeing – here are just a couple. If you’re keen to take charge of your life and rid yourself of stress, why not consider online NLP training courses like those at Excellence Assured as way to make positive life changes this year?

Stress is an entirely normal response to certain events – it’s the body’s way of helping to protect you – and while it can prove useful, unhealthy levels of stress can have a very real impact on your mood, health, productivity and relationships.

For example, it can result in moodiness and irritability, agitation, a sense of loneliness and depression or even manifest itself in more physical ways such as through nausea, dizziness, aches and pains, chest pain, loss of sex drive, diarrhoea and more frequent colds.

You may also find that you eat more or less, have trouble remembering, are unable to concentrate, isolate yourself from other people, sleep too much or too little, neglect your responsibilities or use drugs, cigarettes and alcohol to help you relax. Nervous habits such as pacing and biting your nails could also manifest themselves.

So how can online NLP courses help? Well, it can teach you a wide range of different techniques to help you manage and ultimately change your behaviour in order to have a more positive impact on your life. The benefits are many and varied, including an increase in confidence and happiness levels, better communication skills and gaining greater control over your own thinking.

If you do have a problem with stress and are keen to make some changes, NLP could be the perfect route for you. Why not give us here at Excellence Assured a call to see how we can help?