Women over the age of 65 and living in the Highlands are the happiest people in Scotland, according to a new report from Bank of Scotland revealing that 39 per cent of the people who live in the region saying they’re very happy with their lot in life.

The Bank’s Happiness Index found that 30 per cent of Dundonians said the same, while Aberdeen and Central Scotland emerged as the least happy parts of the country.

Age appears to have a hand in how happy people are – it was seen that 18 to 24-year-olds were the unhappiest demographic, while the 55 and overs were far above the Scotland average, with a happiness score of +50.67. Over-65s had a happiness score of +55.44.

“While the Happiness Index has highlighted some fairly obvious points like the more money people have the happier they tend to be, it’s also raised some intriguing questions about why the happiness score dips for the 35-44 age group and why women, in general, are happier than men,” managing director at Bank of Scotland Community Bank Robin Bulloch said.

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