The stress that people in the UK are facing on account of their jobs is on the climb, according to a poll published by The Independent on Sunday – but you could do a lot to combat these feelings if you decide to take NLP courses online.

According to the study, conducted by the TUC, one in five admit that either they or one of their colleagues has experienced irregular or insecure work, meaning that they don’t know how much they are getting paid week to week. What’s more, two-thirds say the amount they are expected to do has increased in the last couple of years, while over a third say they are expected to do overtime without getting paid.

Just a third look forward to going to the office, with the rest either not caring overly about it or actively dreading the journey each day.  “This poll reveals that many of us work in unfair workplaces that don’t get the best out of their staff. Employers and politicians talk up the flexible labour market, but for too many it means being treated as only slightly more important than what is in the stationery cupboard,” general-secretary of the TUC Frances O’Grady remarked.

Being more mindful and becoming more aware of yourself and the present could help you really tackle those feelings of work-related stress. By going on a course, you can discover how your mind works and improve your decision-making capabilities, while simultaneously doing a lot to safeguard yourself against the development of depression and anxiety.