People in the UK could perhaps benefit from taking online NLP courses in order to make positive life changes, after research revealed that 41 per cent believe their job has had a negative effect on their overall health.

Conducted by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), the survey revealed that the stresses of working are encouraging people to drink and smoke more than they usually would, while following a poor diet and not getting enough exercise.

Apparently, 43 per cent say work has led them to get less exercise than they’d like, 22 per cent say they’re drinking more, nine per cent say they’re smoking more and 34 per cent say they believe they’ve put on weight as a result of their job.

The BHF is now calling on employers to participate in its Health at Work programme and do the 10 Minute Heart Month Challenge, which starts on February 16th. This includes swapping snacks for healthy options like nuts and fruit, getting ten more minutes of exercise in a day (by getting off the bus a stop early, for example) or putting together a rainbow workplace meal that features as many different colours of fruit and vegetables as possible.

“This survey is a stark reminder of just what happens when we don’t take our health at work seriously enough. Millions of people say they are smoking more, exercising less and putting on weight because they’re not considering the impact their job is having on their health and wellbeing,” project manager for the BHF’s Health at Work scheme Lisa Young remarked.

As well as trialling the BHF idea, looking into the benefits of NLP training could also prove fruitful for anyone worried about their health. The practice teaches you how to make better more positive changes in your behaviour that will have a lasting effect.