If you’re having trouble managing your finances effectively, it could be worth taking some online NLP courses to help you take some very real steps towards creating significant life changes, teaching you how to change your bad financial habits for good.

According to new research from the Debt Advisory Centre, seven per cent of adults (that’s 3.5 million people) have taken out a pay day loan in the last year, with some 20 per cent of these saying that they did so in order to pay for a holiday. Furthermore, five per cent took out a loan in order to treat themselves to handbags, clothes or shoes.

“Many people who are struggling with money problems often put off tackling them – for example, believing that if they can just borrow some money to get through this month, then things will be better next month,” spokesman for the organisation Ian Williams remarked.

While many Brits use pay day loans in order to pay bills (22 per cent) and buy essentials like food (44 per cent), making use of such services in order to pay for non-necessities seems counter-productive and you could find yourself in a bit of financial hot water in the future as a result.

If you’re keen to become more motivated this year and really make some positive life changes, NLP training could prove particularly beneficial. The practice can help you to become happier, grow in confidence, take control of your own destiny and improve your communication skills, so what have you got to lose by giving it a try today?