Many people find flying a very stressful experience, but now mindfulness training has taken centre stage for one airline that seems keen to help their passengers handle long-haul flights.

British Airways has launched a Mindfulness for Travel series, which aims to provide people with all sorts of meditation techniques to help them as they fly from A to B, as well as a number of other healthy flying tips.

Numerous videos have been created so that people can take advantage of the techniques as soon as they reach their seats.

If you do have a fear of flying and find the whole affair particularly stressful, why not start practicing a few mindfulness tips and tricks now, even if you’re not going to be travelling for quite some time. Practicing now will mean that you know what to do when you do next step foot on a plane.

There are a few simple steps you can start to take now, such as a one-minute breathing exercise than can literally be done anytime and anywhere. Simply focus on your breathing for a minute by breathing slowly in and out and then holding your breath while counting to six. Breathe out slowly. Your mind will wander naturally but just accept your thoughts for what they are and continue paying attention to your breath.

You’ll find that this really does relax you and very quickly indeed – perfect if you always find that you tense up quickly whenever you sit down and the seatbelt sign comes on. Try it the next time there’s a bit of turbulence!