To be successful in business, you need to ensure your communication skills are up to scratch. NLP training courses can help you build your skill set up – but first, here are five areas you may like to try and focus on in the months ahead.

Body language

Communication isn’t just verbal, you know. Your body talks – so make sure your posture is correct and reflects how confident you are. Stand up tall and straight, don’t fidget, don’t put your hands in your pockets and look people in the eye.


You don’t have to be argumentative but debating the different options available is the key to productivity so you can work out the best course of action. State your case and your stance on different points clearly and professionally. And leave emotion at the door.


Being a good communicator means being a good listener as well. You’ll come across more sympathetic, thoughtful and interested in others points of view if you actively listen to what people have to say.


Be friendly and approachable so your members of staff know they can come and talk to you about anything. This will help you to identify any problems or issues before they become insurmountable.

In writing

Communication comes in many forms these days – it’s no longer just over the phone. As such, you need to be able to come across well when you’re writing to people. Practice your non-verbal communication skills over text and email until it becomes second nature and you’re able to communicate clearly and with ease.