Sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) could help people with crippling fears of going to the dentist, with new research revealing that the average number of CBT appointments that people could book before having dental treatment without being sedated is five.

Carried out by King’s College London, the study revealed that out of all the patients referred, 79 per cent were able to have dental treatment without sedation and six per cent were able to have work done under sedation.

Lead author of the study professor Tim Newton observed that while people with dental phobias are able to have treatment done while under sedation, this does not address the underlying problem nor help them overcome their fears.

“The primary goal of our CBT service is to enable patients to receive dental treatment without the need for sedation, by working with each individual patient to set goals according to their priorities. Our study shows that after on average five CBT sessions, most people can go on to be treated by the dentist without the need to be sedated,” he said.

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