Everyone needs a bit of help every now and again, and if you’re feeling particularly stressed out, depressed or anxious, undergoing mindfulness training could help anchor you more in the present and teach you how to react to certain situations more positively. Here are some of the best mindfulness apps out there to help you get a head start on life this year.

  1. The Mindfulness App

This resource from MindApps is designed to help you reduce your stress levels and increase your sense of wellbeing. It comes with guided meditations, a reminder function so you know when you should be practicing it, a range of categories to choose from and personalised meditations.

  1. Equanimity

Robin Barooah’s app lets you log your meditations using your smartphone, while timing your sittings and offering you a journal option where you can leave notes for yourself. You can browse your meditation history and chart your progress over 12 months.

  1. Buddhify

This app is probably best for anyone leading a very busy life, who might not have time to meditate at home. You can tell it whether you’re walking, at home, at the gym or on the way to work, then pick a style of meditation and whether you want a male or female voice. You can also use the two-person meditation function to practice with a friend.

  1. Smiling Mind

This Australian app is aimed at children so if you’re worried about your youngsters’ stress levels, perhaps download this today. It’s tailored towards different age groups, intended to provide a feeling of contentment, clarity and calm.

  1. Walking Meditation

Meditation Oasis has developed this app, intended to help you meditate on the go. There are three different meditations to choose from to help you unwind as you go about your day.